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Do you know exactly where your property begins and ends? If you plan to build on your property, whether it's an addition to your house or building a fence, you will need to hire a surveying company if you want to make sure your construction project recognizes your actual property boundaries.

Dryco Surveying Company Can Help You Avoid Expensive Lawsuits

Dryco Surveying company uses state of the art surveying equipment in order to map your property using precise measurements. Before you build, let Dryco Surveying company help you avoid building on your neighbor's property, city property or in a restricted area. They can help you avoid expensive lawsuits by revealing the hidden boundary lines of your property before your build, dig or pave.

Expensive lawsuits can happen if you choose to build without consulting a surveying company first. The slightest encroachment on your neighbor's property with a fence, swimming pool or driveway, can have costly results.

What If Iíve Already Built On My Property?

If youíve built on your property without a survey and are worried that you have built on your neighborís property, then get a proper survey done. You donít need to panic until itís conclusive that you have built onto another personís property.

When you discover that you have built on someone elseís property, thereís no way around it. You either have to tear down whatever it is you build, or if possible remove the section that is obtrusive. Consider yourself lucky that whoeverís property you built on didnít find out first.

What If Someone Has Built on My Property?

If after a survey you find that someone has built on your property than you may be able to take legal action against them depending on the circumstance.

This is of course an issue you would need to talk to a lawyer about. A surveying company has nothing to do with the legalities of the property they are surveying.

Dryco Surveying Company Specializes in a Variety of Surveying Services

  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys
  • Construction Surveys
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Land Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Plats and Subdivisions

Whether you need a map of your property or documentation before building a fence or an entire development, Dryco Surveying Company can provide you with professional surveying services trusted for 50 years.

For More Information About Dryco Surveying

To find more information about Dryco Surveying, call 253-826-0300 or contact us.

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