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Land Surveys

For 50 years, home owners, realtors, contractors and engineers have relied on Dryco Surveying for trusted and legal land surveys for projects big and small. Before you dig, remodel, build or expand, contact Dryco Surveying today.

Dryco Surveying has an extensive resume and years of experience generating complete, thorough and legal land surveys using today's advances in technology. Robotics, software and electronic data collectors work in concert with the monument system established in the 1800s to properly document your property.

What Does a Land Survey Do?

Land surveys map out the area you want to remodel or build upon so you know what your boundaries are as well an illustration of obstacles that are in the way of your digging.

How Is it Done?

Surveying companies use many elements of math such as geometry, trigonometry, engineering, etc. By utilizing all of these mechanics, Dryco Surveying can provide you with the right map to illustrate obstacles and boundaries so there are no complications.

What Will Happen if I Neglect a Survey?

How would you feel if you neighbor built a deck that exceeds part way into your property? Though involuntary, your neighbor didn’t know the boundaries of his property because he didn’t have a survey that illustrated where he could and could not build.

Legal action can be pursued if the neighbor refuses to build the deck away from your property. Now imagine that neighbor is you. By taking the necessary steps to avoid legal action, you secure your right to build, and protect yourself from any consequence that will arise if you just decide to “wing it”.

Having Professionally Prepared Land Surveys Can Help Property Owners and Contractors With Many Details Including

  • Assisting realtors in selling a home.
  • Homeowner assistance to prove property lines before building a fence.
  • Contractor decisions on how to build a building or subdivide a lot.
  • Provide the proof needed for flood insurance on a piece of property.

Call Dryco Surveying and find out how 50 years of experience can help you take this step. Dryco Surveying knows the Pacific Northwest well and they pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service. They use modern surveying technology approved by the American Land and Title Association, (ALTA) and guarantee a fast turn around on your land survey.

For More Information About Dryco Surveying

To find more information about Dryco Surveying, call 253-826-0300 or contact us.

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